My life

Me (dylan) and my friend Jack have been friends since the age of 5. over all the years we ave had our fights but we are still friends now.

All of these are actually true and have happened to me or my friend
One day when we were little we were playing in a forset and jack had found a stick. i picked his stick up and snapped it he then picked up this huge branch and hit me with it. then his mum told him off.

One day i was on a bike ride and my mum had told me to out bmy coat on, but instead i tied it around my waist i satb on my bike and got ready to go. Off we went and a few minutes in to the ride my bike eats up my coat using the wheel.

Another funny day that happened a few days ago was…
I was on my phone at my friends and an add came up saying”click here to win an ipad” so i shouted out YAY!!! and click it.(A normal person would of not clicked it and inored it) They then sent me a text and it said “to enter the draw type OK” so i typed in OK. i get loads of texts and the first one says “all the texts we send you will cost you a pound each.” I had already got 4 texts so it cost me £4. I didnt know what to do. but i typed in stop and they finally stop. PHEW!!!!!

One day me and my bro went to our friends house. And our freind had a cat called fluffy, my bro was trying to make the cat lick his hand and the cat jumps forward and bites him. My bro calls the cat a stupid dog. LOL. What a fail!!!